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Second Asia-Pacific Workshop on Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition

The Centre for Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition, National Law University, Delhi is organising the second Asia-Pacific Workshop on Innovation, Intellectual Property, and Competition from February 5 to 10, 2018. This workshop will take place at the National Law University, Delhi (NLU Delhi).

The workshop will be exploring contemporary issues at the interface of IP law and competition law in the following industries:

  • Agriculture & Biotechnology
  • Automobiles
  • Creative Industry
  • Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Online Platforms
  • Pharmaceuticals

In an era of technological disruptions, it is important to deliberate on different policy concerns and options for competition law-related interventions. By conducting detailed discussions on contemporary IP and competition law developments in six different sectors mentioned above, this workshop intends to provide the audience with a comprehensive overview of unsettled issues and potential policy interventions.

The workshop schedule is accessible from this link. The detailed workshop brochure with bios of the participants can be accessed from this link.

The confirmed resource persons for the workshop are:

  1. Prof. Shamnad Basheer, IDIA and SpicyIP 
  2. Ms Sheetal Chopra, Ericsson
  3. Mr J Sai Deepak, Law Chambers of J. Sai Deepak
  4. Prof. Josef Drexl, Director, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition
  5. Prof. Steve Greenfield, University of Westminster
  6. Mr Achille Forler,  Advisor, The Indian Performing Right Society
  7. Mr Vaibhav Gaggar, Gaggar & Partners
  8. Prof. Shubha Ghosh, Syracuse University, College of Law
  9. Dr Geeta Gouri, Former Member, Competition Commission of India
  10. Dr Kirti Gupta, Qualcomm Inc.
  11. Dr Vikas Kathuria, Benett University
  12. Prof. Ariel Katz, University of Toronto
  13. Prof. Jay P. Kesan, University of Illinois
  14. Dr Malathi Lakshmikumaran,  Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan Attorneys
  15. Prof. Jessica Lai, Victoria University of Wellington
  16. Mr Tatsuya Iida, Japan Fair Trade Commission
  17. Prof. Kung-Chung Liu, Singapore Management University
  18. Dr Payal Malik, Competition Commission of India
  19. Dr Raman Mittal, University of Delhi
  20. Mr Essenese Obhan, Obhan & Associates
  21. Prof. Guy Osborn, University of Westminster
  22. Mr Augustine Peter, Member, Competition Commission of India
  23. Mr Sandeep Rathod
  24. Mr Prashant Reddy, NALSAR University of Law
  25. Prof. Daniel Sokol, University of Florida
  26. Ms Sunita Tripathy, Jindal Global Law School
  27. Prof. V. K. Unni, IIM Calcutta
  28. Prof. Fang Xiaomin, Nanjing University, China
  29. Prof. Ya-Lun Yen, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Prof. Josef Drexl (Director, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Munich) will be delivering a special lecture on February 10, 2018 at 15:30 on ‘‘Sense of Shame as a Virtue’ –
Why is it that the invisible hand of the ‘attention’ economy promotes post-truth politics and how to solve the problem’.
 This lecture will be open for the public and if you are interested in attending the special lecture, please drop an email to [email protected] with a cc to  [email protected]

Note: The applications for this workshop is closed now and only the requests for attending the special lecture can be considered at this stage.

Contact us

Workshop Organiser: Dr Arul George Scaria

Coordinator: Mr Swarnim Shrivastava

Email: [email protected]/ [email protected]


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  1. Sir,

    Is the workshop open for law students? IP Law is something I’m very much interested in and would be a great opportunity to attend this workshop.



  2. Respected Sir,

    May I take this opportunity to seek your kind permission to attend the special lecture on 10 February, 2018.


    Binu Peter


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