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Open Science Design Fellowship


The Centre for Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition (CIIPC), National Law University Delhi, invites applications from students and recent graduates for a Design Fellowship for its upcoming Open Science Report. We are looking for a talented, passionate, and socially committed individual who is willing to join us in our journey to make science and research more collaborative, transparent, and accessible. The selected Fellow will have the opportunity to work with us on designing the project report.

About the Open Science Project: ‘Open Science’ is a global movement advocating for the removal of social, economic, legal, and other barriers to accessibility and transparency of science. It is an umbrella term which includes other open movements such as open access, open source, open educational resources, and open data. As part of our open science project, we have been studying the broader crisis in science that has necessitated this movement, conditions specific to India that have perpetuated this crisis, and possible socio-legal changes that can help foster open science.

About the report: The project report aims to provide the audience with holistic understanding of the current flaws in the knowledge-creation process, and spread awareness about their role in the problem as well as in possible solutions. It shall consist of four major chapters. Chapter I provides the context of the project. Chapter II provides an overview of various open movements in India. Chapter III discusses the findings from an empirical survey among Indian researchers regarding their attitudes, concerns, and practices relating to openness. Chapter IV provides legal and policy recommendations which can help in fostering open science.

The report will be approximately 200 pages long. It shall made available in both digital and physical formats, so the designer must ensure that features unique to each format are included. Further, we aim to make this report accessible, understandable, and interesting to as diverse an audience as possible, including laypersons, persons with visual impairment, etc. Therefore, we would urge appropriate focus on illustrations, graphical representation of data, functionality, and ease of reading.

Eligibility: Anyone who is either currently enrolled in any educational institution as a student, or has graduated in 2017/ 2018, is welcome to apply for this fellowship.

Selection process: There will be a two-stage screening process for the selection of the Fellow. First, interested candidates have to submit a sample of their work (to help us judge their designing skills), along with a cover letter. Applicants who are able to fulfill quality standards will proceed to the second stage. At the second stage, the shortlisted candidates will be given a portion of the report for designing. The final selection will be based on the quality assessment of applicants’ submissions during both stages. The fellowship period shall begin pursuant to the final selection.

Terms of the fellowship: The fellowship will span a period of 3 months. Apart from appropriate credits for designing the report, the Fellow will be provided with a stipend of Rs. 40,000 per month during the term of the fellowship. During the fellowship period, the Fellow is allowed to work from their preferred location. However, they might be required to occasionally travel to Delhi for meetings regarding the progress of the report. All expenses in this regard will be covered by us. There will be periodic review of the progress of the work, and if a Fellow is found to lack diligence in the fulfillment of their obligations, we reserve the right to terminate the fellowship at any point in time.

Deadline: For the first stage of the selection process, interested applicants must submit appropriate sample(s) of their work along with a covering letter addressed to [email protected], latest by 11:59 PM on May 8, 2018. Applicants who qualify to the second stage will be personally communicated the details of the second stage of screening.

Queries: If you have any queries regarding this fellowship or the report, please write to [email protected].


1. The copyright in all contents of the report vests in CIIPC. The designer will be given appropriate credits for their contribution.

2. CIIPC reserves the right not to select any applicant for the OSDF.