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Open Access Textbook on Intellectual Property

One of the fallacies plaguing the field of education is the exclusivity of access to comprehensive reading materials, such that only students, academicians and institutions with financial privilege or access to well-curated libraries and online databases are able to benefit from books and articles of optimal quality. As a result of this, dissemination of knowledge is impeded and the benefits of such dissemination are unfairly restricted to the elite. In order to do its bit to address this issue, CIIPC is creating two exhaustive open access textbooks – one on Intellectual Property Law and the other on Competition Law, so that the same are available freely to anyone who wishes to utilise them for any purpose.

The open access textbook on intellectual property law will be a comprehensive source of cases and materials mainly aimed towards students, researchers and teachers of IP law. While the main focus shall be on Indian jurisprudence on various kinds of intellectual property rights (IPR), relevant cross-jurisdictional comparative analyses shall also be an integral aspect of this book. This book shall include thematic comparisons of the legal positions in different areas of IP law, pertinent discussions of important cutting-edge or niche areas of IPR, and intersectional analyses of IPR vis-à-vis other areas of study such as competition law and human rights.

Principal Investigators: Mr Yogesh Pai and Dr Arul George Scaria

Research Fellow: Apoorv Chaudhary