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Open Innovation

There is no universally accepted definition for the term ‘open innovation’. It is understood and used in a wide variety of ways by different stakeholders. This implies that diverse IP models may be employed while practising open innovation, and there may be substantial differences in ownership rights and usage rights with regard to knowledge accruing from the process.

In this context, this project is trying to explore –
(i) different models of open innovation;
(ii) different IP models through which firms/ individuals practise open innovation; and
(iii) whether the current innovation/ IP policy measures are the most optimal ones for fostering open innovations which are social and collaborative in nature.

We will be using the mixed methods approach for exploring those dimensions.

As a part of the project, we have tried to map the diverse definitions of ‘open innovation’. Our working document in this regard can be accessed from here. If you have any suggestions or comments (or if you wish to add any definitions that are missing there), please add it as a comment on the document or email us.

If you have any specific queries or suggestions regarding this project, please drop an email to arul.scaria[at]

Principal Investigator: Dr Arul George Scaria

Associate Consultant: Ms Priyanka Choudhary