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VII Annual IP Teaching Workshop 2018

VIIth Annual IP Teaching Workshop


The Centre for Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition (CIIPC) in association with National Academy of Law Teaching at National Law University Delhi (NLUD), organised the VII Annual IP Teaching Workshop 2018 on 24th March 2018 (Saturday).

The annual IP teaching workshops started as a joint programme in association with University of Washington School of Law, Seattle. In 2012, the first such workshop identified several broad challenges faced by teachers of intellectual property law in India. In 2013, the second IP teaching workshop focussed on IP teaching techniques, use of information and communications technology in IP teaching, research and publication. The third workshop in 2014 discussed various issues connecting with effective IP clinics in India. In 2015, the fourth such workshop focused on diverse issues involving curriculum development, student participation in IP activities, empirical research in IP, academic contributions to IP policy-making, and IP teaching beyond law schools. The fifth workshop focussed on substantive issues connected with interface of IP with other branches of law. The sixth IP Workshop in 2017 was organised in Bengaluru in association with the Centre for IP Rights and Advocacy (CIPRA) at National Law School of India University (NLSIU). All previous workshops have had key speakers and resource persons from India and abroad.

By bringing together a select gathering of IP teachers and scholars from different corners of India, the 2018 workshop focussed on academic writing. The one-day workshop started with an Introductory speech by Mr. Yogesh Pai, Co-Director, CIIPC. The Guest of Honour, Prof. (Dr) B. T. Kaul, Chairperson, Delhi Judicial Academy, was then invited to address the gathering. This was followed by a vote of thanks by Prof. (Dr) Arul George Scaria, Co-Director, CIIPC. The workshop had 7 sessions, chaired by eminent resource persons in the field of IP law. Participants were allotted time to present their research proposals which was followed by discussion and questions. The purpose of this was to ensure that constructive feedback from peers and experts would help the authors to reflect and incorporate the same while writing the final papers.

The final programme schedule can be found below

9:00- 9:40 am [Inaugural Session]:

Introduction: Yogesh Pai, Assistant Professor of Law and Co-Director, CIIPC, National Law University Delhi

Guest of Honour: Prof. (Dr) B. T. Kaul, Chairperson, Delhi Judicial Academy

Vote of Thanks: Dr. Arul George Scaria, Assistant Professor of Law and Co-Director, CIIPC, National Law University Delhi.

Panel 1 [9:40- 10:40 am] Chair : Prof. (Dr) Prabuddha Ganguli , CEO, Vision-IPR and Visiting Professor, Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Economics of GI registration in India: Law Expectation and Reality of Producer – Dr. Anson C Jose, Research officer, IUCIPRS , Cochin University of Science and Technology

The Chaos behind Patenting of Nanotechnology Inventions – Muhammed Faris V., Research Scholar, IUCIPRS, Cochin University of Science and Technology.

Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law: Emerging Trends – Mohd Imran, Assistant Professor (IPR), Z.H.College of Engg. & Technology, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.

10: 40- 11:10 am: Coffee Break

 Panel 2 [11:10 – 11:50 pm] Chair : Prof. (Dr) Ramakrishna Thammaiah, Professor,

National Law School of India University, Bengaluru

Judicial Analysis of Protection of Trade Secrets in India vis-a-vis United States and United Kingdom – Parul Sinha, Assistant Professor, School of Law, UPES, Dehradun

Capacity Building on Trademark Research and Awareness for the Protection of Trade Mark and the Ways of Implementation of Trade Mark Laws and Policies in India: A Socio-Legal Research Conducted in Kalamna Wholesale Market in Nagpur – Dr Ragini Khubalkar, Assistant Professor of Law, NLU, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Panel 3 [11:50- 12:50 pm] Chair : Prof. Jay Kesan, Professor of Law, University of Illinois College of Law

Compulsory Licensing and Generic Drugs: Issues and Challenges – A Case Study of India – Nisha Dhanraj, PhD candidate, Jamia Millia Islamia University

Impact of BITs on TRIPS – Sumit Sonkar, Assistant Professor, Maharishi University of Information Technology

12:50 – 1:50 pm: Lunch

Panel 4 [1:50- 2:30 pm] Chair : Prof. Prashant Reddy , Assistant Professor, National

Academy for Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR), Hyderabad

Celebrities v ‘Non’ celebrities: “Who” has the Right of Publicity Protection? (A Comparative Study of the Law in USA and India) – Aakanksha Kumar, PhD candidate, National Law University, Jodhpur

Panel 5 [2:30 – 3:10 pm] Chair : Prof. (Dr) Feroz Khader, MHRD IPR Chair Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Does India need Specialised IP Courts? – Shirin Syed Ahmed Hussain, IP Researcher, North Maharashtra University (NMU)

A Decade of New Patent Act and the Growth of Indian Patenting – Shekhar Jain, PhD candidate, Centre for Studies in Science Policy, JNU

3:10 – 3:40 pm – Coffee Break

Panel 6 [3:40- 4:20 pm] Chair : Prof. (Dr) Raman Mittal , Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Delhi University

Law relating to Trademark and Geographical Indications in Protection of Consumer’ Right : An Indian Purview – Meenakshi Dahiya, PhD candidate, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak and Rakesh Rathi, Assistant Professor, BLSITM, Bahadurgarh.

Impact of Geographical Indications (GIs) in the Indian Agricultural Sector – Abhinav Jha, M.Phil-PhD candidate, Central University of Gujarat.

Protection of Orphan Works in India: A Critical Analysis – Dipesh Jain, Senior Research Analyst, Jindal Initiative on Research in IP and Competition (JIRICO).

Trademark Jurisprudence in India: In the Context of “Well-Known Marks” – Mathews P. George, Practitioner, Kerala High Court.


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