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JIRICO 7th International Conference on Innovation for Shared Prosperity: The Future of India’s Emerging Technologies

The 7th International Conference of Jindal Initiative on Research in IP and Competition (JIRICO) was organized by Jindal Global University (O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU)) on the theme of “Innovation for Shared Prosperity: The Future of India’s Emerging Technologies” on 6th and 7th October 2023 in New Delhi. The conference consisted of eminent scholars and professionals from the IP fraternity who came together to provide invaluable insights with regard to the digital revolution that has gained prominence in recent years and to examine the role played by the emerging technologies in revolutionizing the Indian digital economy. The conference focused on the Indian approach to AI, challenging the misconception of strict Western regulations in light of the report released by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in 2019 which was aimed at assessing the developments in Indian Artificial Intelligence. Further, it included discussion on the proposed Digital India Act of 2023. The Key note address was given by Hon’ble Justice Prathibha M. Singh, Judge, High Court of Delhi wherein which she highlighted the value that AI technologies bring to the Indian Judicial System in general.

Dr Yogesh Pai, Associate Professor of Law, DPIIT-IPR Chair and Co-Director, Centre for Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition (CIIPC), National Law University Delhi was part of the esteemed panel on the theme of “The Transcendence of AI in the IoT Era: Regulation and Governance”. This panel evaluated AI regulatory governance in IoT, focusing on AI’s role in assessing Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) and reshaping Copyright Law notions like authorship and ownership in the AI era. It also explored the relevance of EU’s Personality Rights Theory. Further, it discussed AI’s impact on data protection, distinguishing between personal and non-personal data in the context of IoT.

Dr Pai focused on the question of regulation and governance of Non-Personal Data in the context of IoT and AI in light of Kris Gopalakrishnan Committee Report in India and further, he made key notes on the developments done in this regard in other jurisdictions. Furthermore, he emphasised on the implications of competition policy and ex-ante regulation in the context of regulations requiring mandatory data sharing.

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