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1.) B.A. LL.B. (H)

A five-year integrated undergraduate degree programme in which the students will be provided with comprehensive understanding of the legal subjects and will also be taught core subjects of Art domain, such as Political Science, Economics, History and Sociology from a legal perspective. 

Over the course of 10 Semesters, the students will gain exposure to a broad spectrum of legal subjects ranging from Constitution, Intellectual Property Rights Law, Criminal Law, Jurisprudence, International Law, etc. The curriculum has been designed in a way to impart theoretical as well as procedural knowledge to students and to inculcate the necessary skills of the legal profession.

In regard to Intellectual Property Rights, the curriculum aims to build a conceptual foundation of IPR in the students. Towards this end, the students will be taught regarding the historical, theoretical and legal aspects of the IPR Regime. Apart from this, the students will also gain exposure to some practical aspects of IP prosecution.

Link: B.A. LL.B._Curriculum.pdf (

2.) LL.M. in International IP (IIP)

LL.M. in the specialization of International IP is a Master’s Degree Programme which offers the students an opportunity to increase their knowledge in this domain. The course incorporates a blend of intricate treaty text with case laws jurisprudence on several aspects of IIP. 

IIP treaties are considered to be unique documents owing to their technological, economic and policy interface. Keeping this in mind, the course has been structured in a way that the students are introduced to various multilateral, bilateral and plurilateral agreements which play a prominent role in the field of IP at an international level. Thus, the curriculum explores the intersection of Intellectual Property with international economics, technology and trade law. 

The objective of the course is to provide students with conceptual understanding of the global architecture of IIP and the role that IP has played in trade agreements. It also aims at imparting knowledge of several contemporary issues gaining prominence in this area. The candidate will be able to build a strong foundation in the law of intellectual property and be exposed to regulatory autonomy in this field.

3.) LL.M. (Professional) in Intellectual Property

The LL.M. (Professional) is a diploma programme in the field of Intellectual Property which is designed to cater to those individuals who are already established in their careers and wish to enhance their knowledge in this area. This programme offers the perfect opportunity to

those individuals who wish to stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly evolving economic and technological landscape. 

The curriculum involves a unique combination of theoretical concepts with real-world case studies and practical insights. The specialization contains four subjects: (i) IP and Tech Innovations (ii) IP and Creative Industries (iii) IP and Product Differentiation (iv) IP Licensing, Competition and Regulation in India. 

The methodology adopted is that of case law jurisprudence. Apart from this, the students will also gain knowledge regarding emerging issues.

Link: National Law University Delhi (

4.) Swayam Course on IP

Intellectual Property has gained prominence in today’s world and it is not only the lawyers who can benefit from its knowledge. Keeping this in mind, a 15 week course has been curated which is open to anyone who is eager to gain understanding about Intellectual Property. 

This course explores the interaction of Intellectual Property with law, business and economics. The course curriculum has been designed in such a way that it not only covers definitive areas of study (fundamentals of IP, historical origins, International obligations, subject-matter, terms, rights, assignment, licensing, defenses, limitation, exceptions, remedies and enforcement) but also the interface of IP with areas such as human rights and competition law.

Link: Intellectual Property – Course (

5.) Learn2Protect (L2PRO)

The L2Pro IP Training course is offered in partnerships with DPIIT, CIPAL, CIIPC and NLUD. The aim of the course is to provide better understanding in IP Domain. The course is open to anyone who wishes to learn about IP. This is a free and open course which can be undertaken by anyone with access to a computer device or a smartphone. Thus, all you need is a stable internet connection and you are good to go!

The course has been divided into three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. In order to facilitate optimum learning, these levels are further divided into four key quadrants comprising E-text, Video, Practical Information and Grading/ Certification Exercises.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, understanding intellectual property (IP) has become paramount for businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups. As innovation and creativity continue to drive economic growth, having a strong grasp of intellectual property is not just important; it’s essential. Therefore, the course will introduce the learners to various forms of IP and by the end of it; the learners will have a good understanding of how to utilize this for the promotion and protection of their business.

Link: L2Pro India