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You can find the publications and other resources from the CIIPC team here. You can find project-specific resources on the respective project pages.

Yogesh Pai, ‘Even if WTO waives IP on vaccines, India will face challenge translating this into mass production’ Scroll (June 2021) (with Prashant Reddy) available here.

Yogesh Pai, ‘Not so ‘IP ‘IP Hooray at all! (With Prashant Reddy T.) (Economic Times op-ed) (May 2021), available here.

Arul George Scaria, NITI Aayog’s Position on Compulsory Licensing Fails Both Niti and Nyaya (May 29, 2021), available here.

Yogesh Pai, ‘WTO IP Waiver Too Simplistic: Global Vaccine Tech-Transfer Needs Other Strategies’ (Express Pharma April 2021), available here.

Yogesh Pai, Shutting Sci-hub is not Anti-Science (January 2021) (Part I and Part II), available here.

Arul George Scaria, Is Copyright a Hindrance for Open Access in India?’ (October 25, 2020), available here.

Arul George Scaria, ‘Sci-Hub Case: The Court Should Protect Science From Greedy Academic Publishers’ (December 22, 2020), available here.

Yogesh Pai, ‘IP Safe-harbour to Competition Law: Out of Abundant Caution’ Economic Times (ET Government) (July 2020), available here.

Arul George Scaria, US Supreme Court’s Decision on Copyrightability of Annotations to Official Code of Georgia: Can It Inspire the Access to Law Movement in India?’ (May 2, 2020), available here.

Arul George Scaria, ‘Should Indian Copyright Law Prevent Text and Data Mining?’ (August 21, 2019), available here.

Arul George Scaria ,‘Where Credit Isn’t Due’, Indian Express (April 2, 2019), available here.

Arul George Scaria, ‘Draft E-Commerce Policy: A 101 Guide to Decimating Digital Competition’, BloombergQuint (March 14, 2019), available here.

Arul George Scaria, ‘International Exhaustion of Trademark Rights in India’ in Kung-Chung Liu (ed), Annotated Leading Trademark Cases in Major Asian Jurisdictions (Routledge, 2019).

Arul George Scaria and Shreyashi Ray, ‘Knowledge Sharing and the Sharing Economy in India’ in Kung-Chung Liu and Uday Racherla (eds), Innovation, Economic Development, and Intellectual Property in India and China (Springer, 2019).

Arul George Scaria and Kavya Susan Mammen, ‘Non-Traditional Marks on Pharmaceutical Products: Non-Traditional Barriers to Access to Medicine?’ in Irene Calboli and Martin Senftleben (eds), The Protection of Non-Traditional Trademarks (Oxford University Press, 2018).

Yogesh Pai, Ayyanger’s Ghost and the Indian Patent System (Part I and Part II) available here.

Arul George Scaria and Mathews George, ‘Copyright and Typefaces’ in Enrico Bonadio and Nicola Lucchi (eds), Non-Conventional Copyright (Edward Elgar, 2018).

Yogesh Pai, Patent Injunction Heuristics in India in ‘Patent Law Injunctions’ by Rafal Sikorski (Ed.), Kluwer Law International B.V (2019), Available at SSRN

Arul George Scaria, Satheesh Menon and Shreyashi Ray, ‘Survey Findings Suggest Both Individuals and Institutions Can Do More to Promote Open Science Practices in India’, LSE Impact Blog (August 16, 2017), available here.

Arul George Scaria and Anubha Sinha, ‘RCEP IP Chapter: A Serious Threat to Access to Knowledge/ Cultural Goods?’, Livelaw (July 27, 2017), available here.

Yogesh Pai, “Patent System only Way to Promote Innovation?” Express Pharma (April 20th 2017) available here.

Yogesh Pai, “Keeping the Promise of Patent Bargain and Affordable Access to Medicines in India” Express Healthcare (Vol.11, No.2) February, 2017 available here.

Yogesh Pai, Patents and competition law in India: CCI’s reductionist approach in evaluating competitive harm, Journal of Antitrust Enforcement, Volume 5, Issue 2, 1 August 2017, Pages 299–327, Oxford University Press, available here.

Yogesh Pai, Vanity GIs: India’s GI Legislation and the Missing Regulatory Framework (with Tania Singla) in ‘Geographical Indications at the Crossroads of Trade, Development, and Culture’ Prof. Loy Wee Loon & Prof. Irene Calboli (Cambridge University Press, 2017) Available here.

Yogesh Pai, CREATE, COPY, DISRUPT: INDIA’S INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY DILEMMAS by  Prashant Reddy T. and Sumathi Chandrashekaran, Oxford University Press (India), 2017, published in Journal of the National Law University Delhi (2017)

Arul George Scaria, ‘Bias in Industry Funded Research: A Problem of Funding Source or Lack of Openness in Research?’ SPICYIP  (November 5, 2016), available here.

Arul George Scaria, ‘Delhi University Photocopy Shop Judgement: A Landmark in the Access to Knowledge Movement In India’, Livelaw (September 24, 2016), available here.

Yogesh Pai, The Paradox Between Benefit Sharing and Intellectual Property in India, Trade Insights SAWTEE, Nepal (August 2016), available here.

Yogesh Pai, ‘Comments on the Discussion Paper on Standard-Essential Patents and their availability on FRAND Terms’ (May 2016) | NLUD Student Law Journal (2017), available here.

Yogesh Pai, “Online Intermediary Liability and Privacy in India” Google and University of Washington School of Law, Seattle (April 2016), available here.

Yogesh Pai, ‘The Hermeneutics of Patent Exhaustion Doctrine in India’ in ‘Research Handbook on IP Exhaustion and Parallel Imports’ by Prof. Irene Calboli & Prof. Edward Lee, published by Edward Elgar, United States (2016)

 Yogesh Pai, Intellectual property rights as foreign direct investments: from collision to collaboration by Lukus Vanhonnaeker,  Edward Elgar Publishing, United Kingdom, 2016, published in Indian Journal of International Law (2016) 56: 537

Arul George Scaria and Rishika Rangarajan, ‘Fine-tuning the Intellectual Property Approaches to Fostering Open Science: Some Insights from India’, WIPO Journal, 2016, Vol. 8, Issue 1, 109.

Policy Input

Yogesh Pai and Virender Chandel, Comments on The Draft Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2023. For more information, click here.