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Dr Yogesh Pai

Yogesh specializes in intellectual property law and has interdisciplinary research interests in technology, economics and policy. His teaching and general research involves intellectual property law, competition law and international trade law. Before joining NLU, Delhi, Yogesh was coordinator of the Ministry of Human Resource Development Chair on IPR at NLU, Jodhpur. He was also the faculty-in-charge of ‘Trade Law and Development’, rated amongst the top 10 journals in international trade worldwide. His international work experience (between 2007 and 2008) involved working with the South Centre, Geneva, as an intern and later as a consultant to its Innovation and Access to Knowledge Programme. He has previously worked with Centad, New Delhi, and also taught as a guest faculty at Indian Law Institute, New Delhi.

In the fall of 2012, Yogesh visited the School of Law, University of Washington, as the Asian Law Centre short-term Visiting Scholar. He was selected to attend the WIPO-WTO Colloquium for Teachers of Intellectual Property-2012 in Geneva. Yogesh has been a speaker on intellectual property issues on different occasions in India and abroad. Among his distinguished academic paper presentations were at the Centre for Asian Legal Studies, NUS, Singapore (2015); ENAPID VI- Salvador, Brazil (2014); Society of International Economic Law, Singapore (2012) and Bern (2014); American Society of International Law- International Economic Law Interest Group Biennial Conference, Washington DC (December, 2012); Asian Society of International Economic Law, Seoul, Korea (2013), ASLI Conference Bangalore (2013) and Kuala Lumpur (2014), and at the Department of International Development, University of Oxford (2008). Yogesh has been published in national and international journals/periodicals.

In 2013, Yogesh was nominated as a legal member in a committee constituted by the Ministry of Health, Government of India, for invoking provisions of compulsory licensing under the Patents Act, 1970, in the context of affordable healthcare. Yogesh was also the member of an expert committee constituted by the Ministry of Commerce to study the need for utility models in India (2013). Yogesh is currently pursing Ph.D. in law (part-time), where he is studying regulation of standards-essential patents. Yogesh is also interested in reforms in Indian legal education.

E-mail : [email protected]

Areas of law:

  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Competition Law & International Trade Law