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Ms Shreyashi Ray

Shreyashi completed her B.A., L.L.B. degree in 2016 from the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata. As a student, she developed a deep interest in intersectional aspects of law and the socio-economic and political context in which laws are created and implemented, which led her to take up courses such as Antitrust and Innovation; Medicine and Public Health Law; Intellectual Property, Information Technology, and Human Rights; Traditional Knowledge, Traditional Cultural Expressions, Genetic Resources and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights; Law and Public Policy; Law and Impoverishment; Media Laws; and Global Environmental Law.

She has been a research assistant on projects dealing with film piracy, free speech, and vagrancy. She has also been part of the NUJS team responding to the Law Commission of India Consultation Paper on Media Law, where she worked on media regulation.

Her interest in socio-economic rights is aligned with the projects she is involved in at CIIPC, i.e., the Open Access Textbook on Competition Law and Open Science for an Innovative India. The former is an effort to make knowledge more accessible, and is aimed towards those who wish to learn about the subject from a comprehensive resource. One of the goals of the latter project is to strengthen- among other aspects- transparency and accessibility of scientific research in the country. The fulfillment of that goal can help address issues of access and consumption exacerbated by socio-economic inequalities.

Shreyashi is keen on exploring the human rights implications of intellectual property laws and competition law, and strongly believes that lawyers have  a duty to include the voices of the marginalized within mainstream discourses regarding the framing and implementation of law.   Her other interest areas include open innovation; migration, displacement, and refugee rights; and gender and sexuality.

Email: [email protected]