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Workshop on Standard Essential Patents: Patents and Antitrust Issues in the High – Tech World

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The Centre for Innovation, Intellectual property and Competition organized a workshop on “Standard-Essential Patents: Patents and Antitrust issues in the High – Tech World” on 26th August, 2017 at India Habitat Centre. The purpose of the workshop was to highlight the broader interface of IP and competition law- specifically pertaining to licensing of patents, economic theory underlying standard essential patents, contestation and empirical evidence in the standard essential patent discourse, understanding FRAND, and the relationship between standard essential patents and antitrust law. The workshop was conducted by Prof. Jay Kesan (University of Illinois) and Dr. Kirti Gupta (Qualcomm Inc.) and saw the presence of practitioners, legal academicians, patent agents and students. The workshop witnessed a healthy discussion on exactly how a Patent becomes an SEP, the law on SEPs in other jurisdictions and in India and the impact of antitrust law on SEPs. It concluded with a brief discussion on landmark SEP cases.

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